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Be prepared for the media blitz.

At the time of launching your brand or product on to the international stage, you need to have all your assets ready. Surprisingly, most medium and even large scale brands wait until the last minute. Dragging their feet on the idea of building high quality assets. Your brands unique story is only relevant if you’re prepared to tell it. Tell it in style. Ask about our scalable brand packages. 

Masters of the craft.

Thoughtful writing, emotional depth, and a living breathing think-tank. Your brand/product is sacred to you. Make it count.


We are natural born storytellers. It’s the most important part. If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage.


High end films & cinematic excellence. Stylistic and classy visual storytelling.  Smooth, seamless and satisfying.

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Film Packages

We take a film industry approach to our work, across the board. No more cookie cutter, corporate content. This is all about breathing life into your brand, giving it the soul and passion it deserves. It's the authenticity of the story that matters. Only from this foundation of a killer story, do we add world-class visuals. We cut exclusive deals with our top clients, so they can own the full rights to the work.



Image is everything and a picture is a calling card for all that your brand represents. Distilled into something beautiful. Perfect, artistic, and eye catching. Our high-end photography will look beautiful on a website or scaled across the side of a building in NYC.

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Design Packages

We work with a team of the best designers in the world, to give brands a simple, elegant, refined and relevant style. A style that will be attached to the video and graphic content built into every JX package. Design means nothing unless everything works together. Bold, harmonious and extraordinary.

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Content Packages

Our vision stems from a place of cinematic storytelling. However, when it goes bite sized, we have the intention and ability to make catchy and eye grabbing short-form media. We set a high standard. Everything we do is made into a scalable package. Customized for the needs, quantity, and timescale of each project.


Content packages

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Cinematic, beautiful brand videos & media packages that rival the top agencies.


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